Alibaba's revenue rose 61 percent year on year to 8.92 billion yuan in the first fiscal quarter


The first quarter of fiscal 2019 (2018.4.1-2018.6.30) was released by alibaba group on 23th, Aug, 2018. The data showed that the revenue of alibaba increased by 61% year-on-year to 80.92 billion yuan in the first quarter, and the revenue of core e-commerce business reached 691.88 billion yuan.The adjusted EBITA (earnings before interest, tax and amortization) was RMB 26.502 billion, and the adjusted EBITA of core e-commerce business was RMB 32.797 billion, up 22% year on year.Earnings under non-us gaap reached 201.01 billion yuan;This season, free cash flow was 26.358 billion yuan.1535024550823.png

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